Special Educational Needs or Disability

Marlcliffe School aims to enable all children to have the greatest possible access to a broad and balanced education, which will enable all children to achieve high standards in their curricular, personal and social development. We plan and deliver learning that enables all children, including children with SEND, to work effectively so that they can make good progress towards their individual targets. All our pupils are encouraged to develop independence, confidence and healthy self-esteem through our promotion of respect and understanding for all people. This is delivered through our insistence of high standards of behaviour throughout the school. We aim to enable all children to set themselves high standards, take pride in their work and strive towards the personal excellence of their full potential.

If the class teacher is concerned that your child is not making enough progress they will provide additional support in class where possible. We assess the progress of each child termly so we can spot any child who is falling behind. Teachers may include your child in a small intervention group with a teaching assistant for a specific area, for example handwriting or phonics. If your child is experiencing Social, Emotional or Mental Health difficulties they may be directed to the Learning Mentor for support. If they are still concerned they will consult one of our SENCOs (Special educational needs coordinator) for advice and your child may be put on the special needs register. This will be discussed with you and you will be informed of the targets and interventions we have planned. If you have any concerns about your child's learning please speak to the class teacher at first.

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