School Council

The School Council has representatives from each class from Year 2 to Year 6. It is split into two sub-groups: Lower School Council (Year 2) and Upper School Council (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6). Every few weeks, we meet with Mrs Roach or Moseley and discuss ideas and issues related to the school. We really believe that our views matter and we enjoy seeing our ideas being acted upon.

We wear our School Council badges with pride and take our roles very seriously. At the start of the year, when our peers voted us on to the School Council, we signed a contract pledging to:

• be a good role model to our peers

• be a polite listener

• be the pupil voice for our class

• seek the opinions of our peers

• complete gap tasks set

• respect others’ opinions

• contribute sensibly and maturely to meetings

• willingly give up my time to complete activities related to School Council

Our meetings are very formal and minutes are taken. After each meeting, these are typed up and available for anyone to read in our School Council folder.

We also have notice boards on the staircases at each end of the school – We use these to let other children know what we have been working on.

We go back to our classes and ask questions to find out children's views about different aspects of school. We also tell Mrs Roach or Mrs Moseley if there are any things our class think could be improved about Marlcliffe. For example, the changes in the school dinner system to a colour band one so now everyone gets their first choice.

We have had stalls to raise money at school events like the Superheroes Day. We run whole school competitions and decided how to spend the money raised by events like Enterprise week.

Mrs Roach, Mrs Moseley and the School Council

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Main Contact:Steph Hanson, School Manager