School Council

The School Council gives the children of Marlcliffe Primary School a voice and real-life experience of democracy. School councillors (two children from each class) are chosen annually by their peers. There is an election process which involves the children presenting their manifesto to their class; followed by a secret ballot.

School Council meetings are held in phases every two weeks, these are led by:

· KS1 – Miss FeatherstoneSchool Council Logo.PNG

· Y3/4 – Mr MacDonald

· Y5/6 – Miss Davison/Miss Allen

We believe that the School Council encourages children to value the ideals of British values and develops their understanding of citizenship. Our School Councillors have the opportunity to impact on new initiatives, the curriculum, lunchtime routines and the school environment. The children are assigned gap tasks which involve collecting ideas/opinions from the children in their class. These are discussed in the next School Council meeting and shared with the Senior Leadership Team.

The children are also involved in fundraising events i.e. they have their own stall at the Christmas and Summer Fayres. At Easter, the children judge the ‘decorating an egg’ competition – a job they take very seriously! Their future tasks will involve working alongside the senior leadership team to develop the KS2 playground and improve the school library.

During their time as a School Councillor, the children develop their leadership skills, independence and confidence. They are encouraged to be a positive presence around the school and to promote the school’s core values.

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