Learning Mentor ~ Sherren Barratt

Information for Parents/Carers

My role is quite diverse; I provide support for both parents and children alike.  I spend a lot of my time offering guidance for children with a range of social, emotional and behavioural problems.  Through these sessions, I challenge the children’s barriers to learning and help them to engage more effectively in the classroom.  These barriers are very wide ranging and often personal to each child.  Therefore, I tailor 1:1 sessions around their specific needs.  For instance, they may be dealing with issues at home e.g. parents separating, bereavement, parental substance misuse, issues with siblings etc...  Whilst other children’s needs may be more about them personally e.g. they may need support for low self-esteem, lack of confidence, poor concentration, have relationship issues or unmanageable feelings of anger.

Some children may only need support in the short term whilst others may require more long term support.  During our sessions, we always aim to come up with solutions that make life better or easier.

The children I see are identified by the school or their parents/carers.  On occasions, the children themselves have asked to be seen.  Due to the fact that I am also the senior play worker at breaks/lunchtimes, I have an established relationship with all the children in the school, even before I work with them 1:1.

An important part of my role is to engage with parents.  I provide encouragement, support and an understanding ear!  My own children also attend Marlcliffe and I know first- hand how challenging parenthood can be.  My sons and daughter have a variety of specific needs which include ADHD, Autism and other medical complications; all of which have impacted on us as a family.  Therefore, I believe that I am well placed to offer realistic advice and support for the whole family.

I also have professional relationships with many external agencies and therefore I can provide that link between school and home.  I currently work with MAST, Ryegate, Education Welfare Officer (Dale Edwards), local secondary schools (on transition) and with social workers.

I operate an ‘open door policy’ so if you require any support or advice whilst your child is at Marlcliffe, then please feel free to get in touch with me.  You can either leave your name/number with the main office and I’ll contact you, or you can e-mail me on: sbarratt@marlcliffe.sheffield.sch.uk

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